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Teddy Thompson

[So, yes... I was hacked for those of you who are still unaware. Instead of going into the whole explanation again, I will paste what was posted to the OOC list.

I have no idea what is going on. Thank you to Juska for answering my email
so promptly and taking time out to reply to inquiring posts and post in MBP
with the situation.

Basically, I went to leave some comments early on this afternoon and my
password didn't work. I have typed it in wrong a million times, so I tried
again... and again... and, you get the picture. So I go over to another
journal and realised from their info page that Teddy was deleted. During
this time frame of freaking out I also realised he had left a comment in
this time period to Ville Valo, which I found incredibly strange. So far, it
seems to be the only comment I could find. If you DID receive a comment from
Teddy between 1am last night and 1pm today, it wasn't from me. Well, if he
comments anymore until I make a post about it, its not me either.

My password isn't one easy to guess, and Teddy is generally nice to
everyone, so I don't see any "enemies" doing this. I know it has nothing to
do with real Teddy because he knows about the journal and actually likes it.
It was confirmed that it had nothing to do with Teddy when I found the
comment (or actually, my friend found it and called me).. and when I also
received this email about 15 minutes ago.

>From: "Listen To Me" dontdoitagain@hotmail.com
>To: daysinthepark@hotmail.com
>Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 18:30:20 +0000
>i know you will get it back. but consider this a warning. a big one.
>i can do what i want and get what i want so watch your step because i
>W-I-L-L do it again fucker.
>next time ill make sure its better and worse. you wont even want to come

Fun times. I have no idea what this is or why its happening but I'm
annoying, frustrated, and just disgusted by the immaturity of this.

I've been in contact with livejournal for the past 2 hours or so. They
changed my email from this to "dayinthepark" so there is no defined email or
ID. Well, unless you consider "dayinthepark" and "dontdoitagain" to be
evidence. On either hand, livejournal is trying to contact the higher form
of their help desk so they can override all these changes. When this is
done, I should receive an email and full access back to my journal.

I remember a post I think Kevin person made a while back stating that if you
still own the original email address you can get your password back. I know
this works because I have done it before for a personal account. However, in
this situation it is refusing to work. Either that, or livejournal is
incredibly slow and/or hateful today.

I just wanted to inform everyone that I did NOT delete and I have no idea
where to even begin with what is going on. I don't think anyone needs to
take precautions, as I was obviously targeted specifically. *sigh*

A very frustrated,
-Teddy "the real one, damn it" Thompson

Everything seems to be all fixed, and fortunately, nothing has seemed to be removed or deleted. Thank you to everyone for their support. I really appreciate and needed all of it.

-Teddy Person]
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