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I would give everything that I own, I'd give you my love and this heart made of stone

“This one” I asked Gareth pulling out an army coloured hoodie. “No, something darker” he replied.
This went on for a couple of hours. Hugh Grant agreed to meet me for tea last night. What does one wear to meet Hugh Grant? He is one of my favourite if not the favourite actor of mine. I said a nice button up and khakis, Gareth said shabby was in. So we compromised and I wore the hoodie, with a pair of jeans… and he let me borrow his nice shoes (which he polished for me) and I gelled my hair. I’m glad no one else lives with us, I think we would have driven them out already.
I was nervous, extremely nervous. And of course for no good reason… Hugh is only highly successful, attractive, handsome, funny, witty, brilliant, and… yes, I could go on. Gareth gave me a good pat on the back and stuffed an exit plan in my pocket if needed. He’s such a great friend and flat-mate.

I jogged up to the coffee shop half winded. Never rely on public transit to take you anywhere on time. When I ran in, there he sat, looking at me from a corner of the shop. I tried to give my best “I was only running to tone up those legs” smile, but it didn’t work. He stood up to shake my hand and greet me; I offered my hand up in return and took the seat across from him. We chatted as much as we could between coy smiles, glances, and hiding flustered faces. I knocked over the salt container more times that I can count, and I must have chain smoked enough to make the people across the way begin to cough. But he didn’t mention it once… just smiled at me and asked what I wanted from the waitress. He nodded at my reply and brought back 2 mugs filled to the rim with the most delightful tea. We added the necessities and toasted before sipping on the drinks and simultaneously taking long drags from our cigarettes, only to tease the other one with the smoke. It was relaxed. I don’t normally feel relaxed in the presence of new people.

I blushed again and looked away, this time he caught my face with this fingertips and forced me to look at him. I felt my stomach turn into knots as he approached closer. And closer… and closer… until his lips were set upon mine. This went on for a few tender moments before he knocked his tea over and I noticed the many eyes fixed on us. I pulled away as gently as I could and he apologised like a gentleman, although there was absolutely nothing to apologise for.

I walked him back to his house a mile or so away. It was already 2am, the streets were empty, and the stars were bright… why not walk? When arrived he placed a gentle kiss on my cheek and thanked me for the evening. I thanked him immensely in return as I tried my best impression of flirtation. I looked up at him and smiled. How I must look like such a boy to him. It worked, anyway, as he asked me if I would like to come inside. I nodded and slipped my hand into his as he led me upstairs.

Luckily, he has plenty of spare bedrooms and I crashed in one of those. When I woke up this morning, there he stood in boxer shorts and a white Hanes t-shirt. He was in front of the stove attempting to cook breakfast. I had to laugh at the sight. The faces he made as the eggs popped up and the oatmeal exploded to the left of him. “Oh!! You’re up!” He yelled to me enthusiastically. “I attempted to cook breakfast, but I knew this was going to happen so the take away is sitting on the kitchen table if you want to set it up, darling” he gave me a sly grin, and I couldn’t help but laugh. We ate and talked some more over a delicious breakfast that we pretended he cooked.

I hope Gareth wasn’t checking his watch and pacing around waiting for me. Oh wait, the E would have taken care of that anyway. Nevermind.
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