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love pull your sore ribs in, I will pull your tangles out

Most of us speak of love as a tangible thing. We almost protect it like a best friend that’s in a war of sword throwing. We defend its honour, and its purity… just like it was the one we actually cradled at night. Either that or we curse its name and wished we could find the bastard again so we could make it feel the same pain we did. But the truth is love is nothing but a vapor. Something we breathe in for a split second before we are forced to exhale. When you sit outside somewhere, anywhere in the warm weather… the sun is shining, and this light breeze brushes over your face. The gentleness of it almost feels like fingertips trying to comfort you, or reach past your skin and be within you. That moment of contentment could be love as well as the moment you say goodbye to the arms leaving you. I remember a time I wished it could be summer forever. There was an early winter that year. I really don’t care for love as much as I speak of it, it’s just a subject lately that has fascinated me.

I haven’t updated in a while, but you can read a couple of entries from Rufus and Juska on what was going on during this time period.

I’m staying in the states longer than I expected, as I will be touring with my Mother in May.

11.05 Black Mountain, NC Lake Eden Arts Festival
13.05 Annapolis, MD
14.05 Alexandria, VA
The Birchmere
16.05 Pittsburgh, PA
17.05 Sellersville, PA
Sellersville Theatre
19.05 Northampton, MA
Iron Horse Music Hall
20.05 New York, NY
Joe's Pub
21.05 New York, NY
Joe's Pub

Until then I’ll just sleep a little more and maybe eventually make a few more phone calls. Silence is golden.
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